Bitcoin Short Term Hodler Realized Price

STH Realized Price are investors in the world of Bitcoin who maintain their assets for a period of less than 155 days.

Unlike long-term 'Hodlers', who intend to hold their cryptocurrencies for extended periods, STHs seek to take advantage of short-term price fluctuations in the market, they are more price sensitive than LTHs.

The graph shows the market price of BTC and the price at which these investors acquired the bitcoins (Realized Price).

STH are known for their willingness to enter and exit the Bitcoin market in relatively short periods, based on rapid changes in price.

Historically, when the STH realized (acquisition) price crosses the market price from above to below, that is, it becomes worth less, it indicates a bullish period, the STH are in profits and causes FOMO and when the cross is from below to above It shows that they are entering a bearish period, they are in losses and there are many sales of BTC.

In short, the Short Term Hodler in Bitcoin is an active player in the market, taking advantage of short-term profit opportunities while managing the risks associated with cryptocurrency market volatility."