Bitcoin Long Term Hodler Realized Price

The realized price of LTH is the average cost of bitcoins that have been moved/spent and that have been inactive for a period greater than 155 days.

LTH Realized Price is an important metric in Bitcoin on-chain analysis, providing information on the average cost at which long-term holders acquired their BTC. Analyzing this data allows us to better understand the psychology of the market and the behavior of long-term investors.

When the LTH Realized Price is significantly lower than the current market price, it can be interpreted as an indicator that long-term hodlers are in a strong position and have accumulated their assets at earlier times and, presumably, at lower prices. . This phenomenon could suggest a strong base of investors who are less likely to sell in response to daily fluctuations.

On the other hand, if the LTH Realized Price approaches or exceeds the current market price, it could signal that long-term hodlers are starting to sell or take profits. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as achieving financial goals, portfolio diversification, or simply taking advantage of profits accumulated over a long period.

It serves to identify possible support and resistance zones based on the "psychological cost" of investors. It may indicate changes in long-term market sentiment.